Mahr Federal 2034205, Umaxum Ii Advanced Black Flat Digital Comparator

Mahr Federal 2034205, Umaxum Ii Advanced Black Flat Digital Comparator

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Mahr, 2034205, Umaxum II +/- 1mm Range 8x11.7mm Stem Advanced Black Flat Digital Comparator Features: Inch/Metric - operator selectable with switchable resolution


quot Absolute quot Transducer - no overspeed errors or constant re-zeroing

Calculate the distance between 2 measured values Multiplier factor for ratio measurements Hold function - holds reading on display until ready to resume measuring Data output with serial number identification capability ID Data output with selectable continuous output or single request of reading s Locked Multiplier factor for ratio measurements Disabled sleep mode manual on/off Locked inch or mm display unit Power up in inch or mm unit on battery change Calibration mode lockout Setup mode lockout with password entry

Calibratable - if ever needed - values remembered even after battery change

High resolution digital readout and analog bar graph - digital display shows deviation from zero or actual dimension size Preset

Increased resolution 0.0002mm / 10 181 inch for today rsquo s demanding tolerances

Lightweight, contamination resistant - ruggedly built to withstand hard use - gasketed case, crystal and stem assemblies resist fluid contamination

Marconnect data output USB, OPTO RS232C, Digimatic Auto-power down - provides extremely low battery consumption, assuring long life from readily available commercial batteries

Normal / Reverse Sensing Preset capabilities to view actual size

Transducer always remembers its location, even if power is off

Unilateral Tolerances Go/NoGo Display Feature Dynamic mode operation - Max, Min, TIR Two point difference measurement - provides comparison of two readings or measuring locations