Accuform Frk617Dp, 48

Accuform Frk617Dp, 48" X 48" Dg High Prism Rigid Construction Sign: "Right Shoulder Closed 1000 Ft"

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48" x 48" DG High Prism Rigid Construction Sign with Legend: "Right Shoulder Closed 1000 Ft" Warn drivers that the left lane will be closed ahead with this traffic safety sign


Prism or Prismatic options ensure drivers will see the sign at night Distance options available are DG High Prism Surface-printed prismatic sheeting recognized by the Federal Highway Administration UV protective coating Resists rust and corrosion Withstands extreme temperatures Endures outdoor environments Service temperature range -30 deg to 200 deg F DG High-Prism DP - 10X brighter than Engineer-Grade Prismatic

Provides the highest level of reflectivity and maintains great visibility and reflectivity from far away and at wide angles.